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Youth!Act Against Poverty" Young Exchange!

Hello guys from Prespa, Florina( Greece! )
                After a long period in Prespa, finally I find an opportunity to write an article about our amazing exchange(action 3.1.) between 23rd of August – 2nd September.

 Before the exchange, we had a very hard process to find participants and organize the exchange team. But consequently, we went to exchange with Ukte Cengiz, Mert Özbezeyen, Rumeysa Doğan, Oğuz Alp Başoğulları as participants and me as a group leader. While people starts reading an article, they expect us to write every detail, every happy moments, every nice detail all the time. However, it’s impossible. Okay; I’m going to try :)

 My mind is full of with this exchange and my amazing life in there now. From the first day until last day;  it was an effective and helpful exchange for every aspects of the life, including culture and poverty.

                At the first days, we have spent our time with breaking the ice between cultures and people. It was not easy because we were from Greece, Albania, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and plus EVS volunteers in CTP. As a part of ice breaking, we had a cultural night and we introduced our country and culture with amazing videos, Şalgam, rakı, and turkish delight.
                After 2 days in Prespa, we started to focus our mission that is poverty by workshops, table  discussions,  presentatations about Millenium Development Goals, documentaries skype calls with UNDP. ( All of the details and photos of these activities are avaible in our web-sites) Of course, while we were dealing with the Poverty, we had some amazing trips to Prespa Lake, pool parties, taverna nights, concerts on the island and so on. :)

                At the end of the exchange, we had a huge event in Florina that is called MISSON IMPOSSIBLE. In center of the city, we presented what we did in exchange, did some flashmobs, danced, played music, played games for children.  To be honest, At that day, all of around the city was surrounded by us and after that day ; all of us were %100 satisfied about our mission.

                If I need to talk about my experience personally because I’m aware of that it’s kind of an offical article till now , it was really nice because I really had a great time, especially with my Serbian family . ( C’mon I’m the ZET!!! J ) It was a great pleasure to meet with them and spent time together. For instance, I will never forget my last day in the bar and telling some Serbian sentences to Jovana, Milan, Miki and Slobo and also to Jelena, the guys( plus Djordjo and Michael) supports,  the dance  and our good-bye song in front of all the people! :) They know that I’m not good at writing at all but I’m sure that they know my thoughts about them! :) One day, we will be togeher or at least I’m going to try! :)

·         To reach partners, participants, and programme:  http://www.ctpyouth.wordpress.com/
·         To reach CTP Prespa and photos of the exchange; https://www.facebook.com/CtpYouthActAgainstPoverty
·         To reach the events in Florina; https://www.facebook.com/events/425758380794551/
·         To reach my personal web-site and my point of view; fromalltoall.wordpress.com

Boratay Uysal - ZETE

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