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How to Survive in Rome with 50EU?

Size keyifli bir yazı daha bulduk, getirdik. Sevgili Selanik'te yaşayan gönüllümüz Sezgi Şahin, sizler için tecrübeyle sabitlenmiş İtalyan seyahatinin ilaç gibi gelecek tüyolarını veriyor. Bu bilgileri başka hiç bir yerde bulamazsınız, kulağınıza küpe, cebinize kar bilip,  okuyun, tüm arkadaşlarınızla paylaşın.
Sezgi'nin unutulmaz anlarının dahası için de buraya mutlaka misafir olunuz;) 

Liisi and I, we went to Rome last week and we experimented to survive with only 50 Euros (per person of course:) ) for 5 days! Here, you can find useful tips about Rome and how to do EVS style of travelling! Enjoy!

1-First of all, if you want to keep your money try to find a host on Couchsurfing! But be careful about the dirty sheets and kitchen! :)
 2- Get your free map from airport!

3- Do not take a tour guide, guide yourself!
4- If anybody looks interesting like Gladiator or funny character, do not take a photo with him/her. They’ll ask for Money. They took my 20 cent!

5- If CS home looks dirty, do not mind! Just clean it yourself!

6- If you see any big and little bit old building, don’t worry, just take a photo! After you back to home you’ll have plenty of time to find out what the hell is it!
7- Find a convenient supermarket and buy something to make a sandwiches. It will be 10 times cheaper to eat in a restaurant. Maybe after 3 days, you might fed up with sandwiches but, you keep your money!
8- If you get tired, fallow the local’s good example! First take a nap in a place wherever you are at the moment and continue!

9- Remember! You can reach anywhere from Termini (Central Station) So, keep it in your mind, Termini will be your best friend! I fell in love with Termini.
10- Among all the other touristic attractions, most important thing is to find Fontana Di Trevi! Maybe you don’t have enough money to understand all beauty of Rome but in future you’ll be rich for sure! So throw to coin over your shoulder to the fontain in order to come back to Rome! In our case we throw Turkish coins because it’s cheaper:)

11- Do you like to go to church? No? Bu this one is for free! And also it's another country called Vatikan! So, you can visit two country, one is for free! :)
12- You can find free concert almost everywhere in Rome! We found one violin player who kept to eye contact everybody passed by and played violin extremely well, so that I felt week in the knees and we even went to one shop to cool us downJ
13- In Rome, almost in every street you can find a monument. We found Spanish Stairs by accidently!
14- Drink typical Italian coffee! Cappuccino invented in Rome. Just for 1.10Euro.
15- We tasted Gelato. 3 EU for each but we didn’t cry because it was very sweet!

16- If you get tired of Italian noise, go to some church because they order to be silence so you can have a moment of piece of quiet. Or just take a nap in somewhere:)

17- Try to get good relations with the people that you stayed with. Buy a toilet paper or something then can happen that they cook for you and they can be your informal tour guide! We did and they cooked amazing pastas for us! 
18- For sure, you'll fall in love with the city! But it's not enough;) Try to find a handsome Italian (it's so easy, they're everywhere:) ) and enjoy! Someone did it, guess who? :)

Ciao for now and wait for the Barcelona adventures!
 Sezgi Şahin

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