10 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Bir gönüllünün ilk izlenimleri!

Selanik'te AGH projesine başlayan Ayşe Burcu'nun ilk izlenimlerini ev sahibi kuruluşu paylaşmış!
Bizler de sizlere aktaralım istedik :)

Turkish Çay vs. Frappe
If I talk about a city with spice bazaars, minare, hamam, çay, nargile, bedesten, imaret, narrow streets made of Albanian Stones, cofee places that old men spend time reading newspapers and talking;If I say that for dinner I order mousakka and dolma and have the chance to listen to Kürdili hicazkâr, while having my kebap, you will probably think that I am in an ordinary Turkish city without any hesitate. Surprisingly I am not a tourist in Istanbul or some other city in Turkey! I am talking about a Greek city, Thessaloniki! – which has a long history and big heritage of intercultural environment of Greeks, the Jewish and Turks.

Here in Thessaloniki everywhere there is the hidden story of old empires to notice and discover. Everything here surprises you and you admire and appreciate Greeks who have a great respect for the historical values.
This is not only a historical city but also the city of contemporary art. I mean art is always living here. You can see some pieces of modern art in the city. Although there is a crisis now, there are many cultural events like festivals and concerts (one of which is a Turkish pianist Fazıl Say’s concert) as well.

As for nightlife, the city never sleeps. In the evening you can have dinner in the taverns while listening to Greek and Balkan Gypsy Music,  then you can go to the bars and enjoy with your friends till the morning, which I am too old to do. :) ))  Anyway, they say at midnight there is a traffic jam of people going to the bars!
Moreover, I would like to tell how pleasant I am with my house and housemates. Our house is on the top of a hill in Acropolis and so close to the Castle of Thessaloniki. It is a lovely small house among narrow streets, trees and flowers where there are always sound of little birds. :) My housemates who are from Italia, Portugal and Greece are so nice and responsible people, our neighbours being as cute, as well.

Last but not least, the U.S.B. office is a place with lots of friendly volunteers and staff , where we have frappe (which the Greek people loves) instead of Turkish çay. During our EVS, I have a feeling that we will do the project of our lives! :)United Societies of Balkans will be the biggest part of them because it lets us to use all our creativity I say.

Now I think it is time to go on thinking about my project by which I am gonna try to emphasise how alike Turks and Greeks we are and how we have contributed to each other in a secret aspect! :)

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