31 Mayıs 2016 Salı

Trex-EVS Volunteers attended ISYEC in Kayseri!


Our amazing volunteers Ionela-Daniela from Romania and Claudia from Italy recently attended the ISYEC symposium in kaysery Turkey. 

They returned with a lot of experience, information and wonderful visual memories!

We leave you with the article written by Ionela-Daniela, so called Dana. Enjoy!


International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges 

Kayseri. 18th- 20th of May 2016

Hello, my dears!

My name is Dana, I am the new volunteer of TREX EVS for the next 7 months. J
It is is a big pleasure to be here in Turkey as I love this country. I have many beautiful memories in Turkey and when I saw the call for the EVS project called AGORA in Izmir, I applied without any doubts and here I am.
Already passed 2 weeks since I am here and I have had a lot of fun. Being welcomed by my gorgeous colleague Claudia involved also in the project, everything was much easier and I feel already that this is my second home.

I spent only 2 days in Izmir and on 17th of May, me and Claudia departured for Kayseri, to represent the NGO at the International Symposium  on Youth Employment Challenges. We arrived one day earlier before the symposium get started and we had the chance to visit Kayseri which is a small city, peacefull and quite beautiful.

The symposium was organised by Abdullah Gül University, in collaboration with Turkish National Agency, Italian National Agency, French National Agency and Salto Youth. The symposium get started on 18th of May and  33 different countries, 165 institutions and
225 participants were involved in.
During the period 18th-20th of May, the main topics approached by the symposium were: good practices on youth employment, new ways for youth employability, educational tools for youth employability, entrepreneurship and social involvement. I noticed that the problem of unemployment is a global problem and we all have to fight and to find our way in order to discover our personal path.

Comparing to Romania, Turkey has the same problems, mostly caused by our culture, traditions and involvement of the people or better said the disinterest of the people and state institutions. The speakers of the symposium gave us a lot of information and solutions and it’s up to the new generation to make a difference for the future.

As a conclusion for the symposium, I can say that it helped us to have a better view of the youth employment around the world and to build a network of young people who wants to change the world.
In addition of the symposium, me and Claudia had the chance to visit also Kapadokia, a land of legends and beautiful landscapes.
Back to Izmir on 22nd of May, we were back to our activities and we started with the English Speaking Club organised by Idea Lab at Dokuz Eylul University.

I am looking forward to the new adventures in Izmir and around Turkey. :D

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