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Another training, another story!


Check the latest article written by our volunteer Claudia from Italy! 


- Is your project visible? Is your project relevant to other people? Is your project creating an impact?..
- Do you have any answer to these questions?

First of all, Hi Everybody!

Here it’s Claudia, the Italian EVS volunteer that is working with TREX EVS.
I’m here already since more than 4 months, and in these months I’m completely falling in love with this country and this experience called EVS!

Today I would like to tell you about an amazing Training Course that I attended this month in Antalya. We were 18 participants from different part of Europe (Turkey, Hungary, Armenia, Spain, Poland, Austria, Romania) and in the group there were EVSer, youth workers and volunteers. 
Our three trainers, from Turkey, Spain and Portugal, as a first step asked us the questions I wrote in the beginning.. let’s say that was quite difficult to answer!

We started from here to speak about the main aim of the training. The central topic was the dissemination and exploitation of results for Erasmus+ projects in the field of youth work and non-formal education.

What does it mean? 

That we learnt not just how to write a project, but mostly how to make it visible and relevant and how to disseminate the results in order to create an impact on different level, local, national and international.

During the week, surrounded from an amazing landscape, we introduced ourselves and the association we represented, we shared our ideas for future projects, spoked about the youth pass and the utility of it; through non-formal education methods, we discovered what’s the exact meaning of visibility and which kind of new tools we can use to make our project more visible. We discussed about what is DEOR (Dissemination and Exploitation Of Results) and why is important to follow every single part of a project process, from the first idea till the months after the end of it.
After speaking about it, we also had the chance to practice, in small group, the all process using the new skills learnt.

The organizers gave us the possibility to visit EXPO 2016, located in Antalya. Here we could have seen some examples of visibility and methods to make an impact; it was interesting and useful to see how it works in practice. It was one of the best and most useful training course I’ve ever attended, where I could improve myself, my skills and network of people. We also had the chance to think and discuss about future collaborations between us and our own associations and this was perfect. 
I’m sure I’ll use everything in the next works with my HO and I hope also in my future job.
I should thank every participants and especially our trainers Aytac, Antonio and Nuno, that put all their efforts in order to create a perfect week, funny, formative and unforgettable!

Last but not least, thanks as always to my great Hosting Association TREX EVS, that gave me the possibility to join this project and represent them.
See you soon!

Claudia Franchini

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