12 Aralık 2014 Cuma

How passed the time ?

It is like I came yesterday here but not because I came here 10 months ago. The time passed quickly.
                How I learned about evs ?
If I start to explain my story from beginning I have to turn to Istanbul. Everything  started with a Project of GEO(Global enviroment organization).  I met many valuable friend there and I heard something about EVS and I started to search it . I wanted to learn English in abroad but I did not want to spend money this is a reason EVS was a good opportunity to learn English and new culture for me. I was not afraid to live in abroad with foreign people who I don’t know. Because I went many times to different countries for folk dance festival and I love the European people who are so friendly and open. But I have never lived long time in a foreign country and I wanted to learn new culture.

                Finally I had decided to do EVS and I started to search project. I found many Project but there was no related with my profession and then I found a Project in Thessaloniki about media and communication. I thought when I was Istanbul I don't go to lesson of my university and I said myself okay it is not necessary to suspend study and I talked to my coordinator and I got permission to come Istanbul for my exams.
Everything was going good and I came to house which has great view and great housemates in Thessaloniki. In the my first days were strange because first time I was sharing house and room with someone.Firstly I learned how to cook to survive . Thanks to our friends we tasted different foods from Spain and Italy. We shared our experience and what we know. We were crowded in home and we had to be careful and to respect to others that is why we have to obey the rules.

What are we doing at office ?
                I started to go to work,we had a good office .But we had hard road to reach to office. We were writing something about everything to publish per 2 months in our electronic magazine and we had live radio broadcast. After Burak came we started to take video and I think it was more effectively than magazine and radio. You can watch in this link what we are doing in office. But don't laugh J We tried to be our best at office .
What are we doing out of office ?         
Out of work we had many times to learn culture of Thessaloniki and we went to different tavernas(restaurant),cafe , bar , museum, old monuments ,and symbol of Thessaloniki. Because of population exchange in 1922 we touched to many stories with Greek friends. I dance horon and play kemençe that is why  I attended many events with people whose ancestor came from my hometown in Turkey. We had fun so much I am so pleasure to know all of them. We have holidays to travel around the Europe and we went to Balkan countries with friends.It was quite nice trip and it took 10 days.We visited more then 4 countries and met many great people.

Thessaloniki is European Youth Capital 2014
                Thessaloniki is European Youth Capital 2014 and there were many events which I was interested in. Many Turkish journalist and diplomat came to Thessaloniki and meeting them it was easier than meeting in Turkey. I was not regretful to be here because I like young generation here we got along well with them and they don't have any bad opinion against to us. We asked to people what is the first thing comes to your mind about Turkey?

                Good Relationships
 We met with volunteers of Thessaloniki and we were together many times and we went to somewhere and we had fun so much. We did different Project. One of them aim was to teach Greek language people who want to learn and could not find chance to listen native speaker.  We had friends with especially Turkish because we shared many things. Firstly I was dissapointment when I learn I will live with 3-4 Turkishs because I came here to improve my English but then they helped me and I improved English thanks to them.Also they teach me many things thanks to Trex to chose a good people who have good personality. We were sad when they left and we made song for them.

I am so pleased to be here and to lived here. Now I am leaving to Istanbul with unforgettable memories. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I will be back.

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