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Athens Travel Tips for Young and Broke Travelers

Gia sas!
After my tedious trip to Athens, finally now I find energy to write it down about Athens and inform you :) Enjoy it!

1- If you don't have enough money but yet you still want to travel, use train! You have to keep it in your mind that in Greece, you can travel to Rome only for 7EU but you cannot go somewhere in Greece with less than 15EU. True Story! So, I highly suggest you to take a night train from anywhere to Athens:) Rumour has it, if you lucky enough, you can find a ticket only for 9EU. Hard to believe, right? :)

2- As usual, I suggest you to find a host on CouchSurfing in order to keep accommodation money and meet local people :) Keep it in your mind, you're in Greece and people in Greece like to offer food and drink all the time! 
3- OK, you finally arrived Larissa Tran Station in Athens after many many hours of trip. Next step is taken the metro or bus from there to your CouchSurfing place. But you should know that Athens has very good metro & bus line so it'll be easy to find your way!
4- Omonia is like the heart of the Athens. It's very central place for locals and also for tourist people like you. But you have to know that it's very very dangerous area! You can see the drug addicts on streets with their injection syrings day light and night. You might have a little cultural shock like I had but you'll get over it soon :)
5- If you want to go for a walk on park, do not wear sandals! I mean it! Because of drug addicts on parks, on streets and almost everywhere there are too many injection syrings still has needle! If you stand on it by accident with your sandals, you'll be fucked up! Try to wear shoes which has strong base!
6- Especially near to Omonia and some certain ares, try not to use a map like an excited Japanasse tourist! Otherwise you'll be an open target for thieves. Believe me, it's the same thing that having a sticker on your forehead written "please I want to be stripped like a banana"
7- Visit Acropolis! It's a "Sine Qua Non" for your trip to Athens! But you should know that, you have to be there until just before 2.30. Otherwise, you'll be back with empty hands. If you have European Student Card or if you are over 65 it's free!

8- Do not forget to go to Syntagma! Especially if you can catch the traditional Greek soldier's shift, it could be interesting experience. (They wear skirts! :) ) Also you can have change to see the place which millions of people come together and demonstrate Greek Government.

9- Visit local tavernas in Monastiraki! Many people from Athens don't want to be in the same place with the tourist people because of the noise and mass but local people know the local treasures! So, just go to narrow streets and try to fallow locals:)
10- If you are young and full of energy, I have a place for you! EVS Cafe in Omonia! There, you can meet too many European volunteers and have fun! Also, beer is very very cheap in that place! It's only for 2EU!

11- If you have time you should go to local vegetables bazaar! Once in a week, in every neighbour they have these bazaars from 7o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the evening. You can ask your host, for sure they will show you some places.

12- Remember the Greek word "KEFI" ! It means passion :) In my case, my Greek kefi is Frappe :) Find yours in Athens!
13 - In Omonia, you can find too many bars and caffes that you can buy beer, frappe, wine and etc. Do not forger to be careful and enjoy.
14- Visit Acropolis Museum. Rumour has it; Greek Government built that amazing museum in order to take back Ancient Greek Monuments from UK.
15- Do not feel upset if you don't have enough time to see all over the Athens! Every corner, you can find another ancient stuff :)
16- Go to a souvenir shop and definitely buy something as a souvenir! As a tip, I took this picture for you:)

17- Despite all the crisis, problems and stupid things, Greece is beautiful, Greece has amazing energy and it makes you full of joy and love! You gonna love it, no worries!

Finally, if you have friends in Athens meet them! Athens is a great place to make re-unions! Thank you again "head of the malakas" Georgia, sweet Anthie and manicure Kostas :) This one's for you malakas!

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