11 Mayıs 2015 Pazartesi

Erivan'da 8 Aylık AGH projesi için gönüllü aranıyor

"TREX-EVS is looking for one EVS volunteer to take part in an approved programme in Yerevan/Armenia!
“Armenian progressive youth’’ NGO  is looking for one Turkish EVS volunteer, 18-30 years old, to participate in an approved program, in Yerevan/Armenia 
Duration: 8 months.

The starting and ending date: 01.06.2015- 01.02.2016

“Armenian progressive youth’’ NGO is based on the common interests of the individuals. The organization is a voluntary social union which isn’t aimed to satisfy religious, material and other demands. The principles of organization’s activity are legality, voluntary, equality of rights, self-governing, publicity. 

From the volunteer from Turkey, we would kindly ask you to propose the volunteer one of the following tasks. 

The volunteer role will be supporting APY PR group activities in promoting anti-discrimination campaigns, tolerance, social cohesion. Volunteer's tasks will be promotion of the PR group activities in APY website, writing posts and articles, supporting in organizing meetings and seminars for interested youth organizations in APY office, support in organizing flash-mobs and other youth activities for public attention, will participate in weekly meeting of the team for strategy planning. During the activities the volunteer will develop digital, web 2:0 tools skills and will learn team working abilities.  The volunteer will be encouraged to bring his/her own ideas to implement. APY foresees several training courses, workshops on Web 2:0 tools(Usage of facebook, Youtube, websites and other social network tools for PR) and Photo-video trainings upon requests.

Local events organizing group(VOLUNTEER VACANCY  #2)
The volunteers role will be the support  in APY local events organizing group. The volunteers tasks will be the organization of the weekly meeting of the local events organizing group, initiating anti-discrimination promoting activities, working with minority groups of Armenia(Polish Armenian friendship NGO, "Yunist" Ukrainian minority representative NGO, "Ponti" Greek minority NGO) in the issued topic. Volunteers will be encouraged to implement their own initiatives also. Trainings about mutual-understaning, social-inclusion will be given to volunteers(by "Goy" pcychological center), Photo-Video making trainings will be given upon request. Armenian language course and optionally English lesson course will be given to volunteer. 

Youth and media group(VOLUNTEER VACANCY#3, and 4).
Volunteer(vacancy #3) will work with National minority representatives of Armenia, covering their cultural activities. The tasks of the volunteer will be the communication with Armenian National Minority representatives, exploring their culture, preparing photo-materials about the cultural events(weedings, national holidays, local events) and promoting them in APY website and via facebook and media. Photo training course will be given to the volunteer, video training course will be given upon request. Armenian language and optionally English language course will be given to the volunteer.

To express your interest on this program, please, send your CV and motivation letter, written in english, at: info@trexevs.org until deadline 18.05.2015

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