2 Nisan 2013 Salı

Bicske camp is always full of surprises concerning daily activities…

Today, Even though, still I needed to get on my winter coat to go outside, I felt better. Maybe the reason was to not to see gray sky anymore!!!

As usual for Tuesday morning, we went to our activity room for English teaching session, (whenever we enter the building, we can have a smell of delicious Afghan food and hear the Afghan music) but   unfortunately, nobody came and we found ourselves playing with kids again. It was much fun and another surprised came after the end of playing time. Because, the mother of the kids we played offered us delicious Afghan food which is called “Kofte” in Persian. I like that food very much with Afghan bread! I think I get used to hospitality of Afghan culture, getting know more Persian words etc which makes me happy.
In the afternoon we continued English lesson, and hopefully we had 2 participants.  After the lesson, we tried to look for the one refugee who promised us to draw motives on the wall of our activity room which is recently new idea and still on process to make it real. But after a while walking around in the camp and knocking the building where he lives, we learnt that he went to Budapest. We have painting staff, we have motives and just we have to catch the 2 refugees to draw them on the wall! We will try our chance tomorrow too and I hope in the coming days, we will have concrete results to share with you.
 Moteshakkeram (means “Thank you” in Persian)
19.03.2013, Bicske, Şule 
resource: http://budapestevs.blog.com/2013/03/20/bicske-camp-is-always-full-of-surprises-concerning-daily-activities%E2%80%A6/

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