13 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Full schedule!

Atölye Deneme Sanat Derneği'nin ev sahibi kurum olduğu "İZMİR CONNECTION" projesinde gönüllümüz Timothee'nin gözlemleri ile Atölye Deneme Sanat'ın çalışmaları ve Timothee'nin çocuklarla imtahanı :) Atölye Deneme Sanat Derneği'nin ev sahiplik projesini gönüllü gözünden takip etmek için http://volunteersofatolyedeneme.blogspot.com/ 

Since a week, holidays have begun. I mean for children. Because for us volunteers of the association, it is full-time work, 5 days a week in Konak’s office. Don’t worry, I say “work” but it is a way of speaking, I can assure you I knew worst jobs!

For example, it is the first time that I daily go across the sea to work. Thanks to ferry. And it is really more appreciable than Parisian underground. I confess that I enjoy more the sea sprays than the piss smells.

Anyway, each day, the youths come and enjoy a different workshop. Painting, music, drawing, cinema, each time, one member of the association leads an activity related to his speciality. Take this week. On Monday, Sezen animated a hand-made jewellery workshop. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Açelya let the youths discover music from the whole Turkey –thanks to a movie–, made their ears sensitive by listening and analyze of precise songs, and finally taught them music theory. 

And I showed them a daily objects music short-movie (“Music for one apartment).

On Thursday, Sezen and I offered them drawing exercises by several hands creation (two teams, one sheet of paper for each, which they exchange every two minutes, continuing the drawings from the others).

And finally, on Friday, Sebnem showed them different short-movies about which they also discussed.

And now, at the end of the week, I realise the diversity of the works done, and find it great. It is a wealthy opportunity for this group of children to discover multiple approaches of art universe, and for free. While spending good time with friends! What more can you ask?

ps : on Wednesday, we celebrated Açe's birthday, and even if the real day is on 21st of January, I tell it again : "doğum günün kutlu olsun Açe" ! :) 

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